+Perspectives believes that expertise comes from an array of sources and experiences and that these perspectives should be heard within the public discourse. However, despite the array of different perspectives on world affairs, many of these voices remain marginalized within international affairs publications. Instead, one often hears similar arguments made by the same group of established thought leaders in the field. One of the reasons for the lack of diversity and unique perspectives within publications is the lack of training and confidence that face many young practitioners and scholars.

+Perspectives seeks to remedy this disconnect by bringing together a group of scholars and practitioners who have experience publishing op-eds in different fields to provide guidance to those that are interested in becoming thought leaders within the field on the op-ed writing and publishing process.

Our writers and staff have been featured in Diplomatic Courier, Global AmericansNational Interest, The Gulf International Forum, Common Dreams, Daily Sabah, AULABLOG, The Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Advisor, SIETAR Europa Journal, and more!

Adnan Nasser Lebanon’s Disabled Community is Dying Cover

Lebanon’s Finest or Final Hour? by Adnan Nasser

Lebanon—a country that has endured wars of catastrophic violence, periods of reconstruction, resumed fighting, and ceasefires with no prospects of everlasting peace—is now gasping for its final breaths.

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Workshops at Academic Institutions

♦ “Why Write? The Art of Op-Ed Writing” at Florida International University with PIRGSO and Sigma Iota Rho as hosts.

♦ “Why Write? The Art of Op-Ed Writing” at ABetterU Skill Building Institute by American University.

Publications of new writers supported by our Editorial Fellows

♦ “Lebanon’s Disabled Community is Dying” in the Diplomatic Courier by Adnan Nasser

Lebanon’s Finest or Final Hour?” in Interzine by Adnan Nasser

♦  “As COVID-19 Distracts the World, IS Regroups in the Shadows” in The Geopolitics by Sabrina Pecorelli

♦ “Renewable Energy in Lebanon Will Save Lives” in Interzine by Adnan Nasser

Algeria Ceases Relations With Morocco—How Can They Be Repaired?” in Interzine by Adnan Nasser

In Beirut Blast Investigation, Lebanon’s Judiciary Is Under Siege” in The National Interest by Adnan Nasser

 “Can Saudi Arabia-Lebanon Relations Be Salvaged?” in The National Interest by Adnan Nasser

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